Best Practices for School Fundraising Auctions

Fundraising Excellence Series

Best PracticesDiscover invaluable school fundraising resources in our comprehensive guide. School fundraising auctions have the additional challenges of an all-volunteer workforce, tight time constraints, and in many cases an event team that has high turnover and very little experience in planning events.

This white paper outlines the best practice for planning and executing a school auction. We’ll also cover the unique challenges school auction planners face, and how to overcome those challenges.

Download “Best Practices for School Auctions” for valuable insight and school fundraising tips on:

  • Planning for Your Auction.
  • Engaging Your Parent Community.
  • Procurement Strategies.
  • Creative Item Management.
  • Increasing Revenue at Your Auction.
  • Capturing Experiences.
  • Thank All Your Supporters.
  • And, much more...

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