P2P Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising Excellence Series

Peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising is an effective and efficient way to build your donor base, engage your volunteers, and tap into the vast networks that exist among your donors, staff, volunteers and other members of your local and extended community.

Download “P2P Fundraising Strategy guide” for valuable insight and tips on:

  1. What it is—and what it isn’t
  2. How social networking and social media relate to P2P fundraising
  3. How to get started with P2P fundraising
  4. How to add it to your existing strategy and tactics
  5. What kinds of campaigns are ideally suited to P2P fundraising
  6. Tactics that can help your P2P campaigns to be more successful

With the P2P Fundraising Strategy guide, we share detailed actions and insight around these six areas that will help make the most of your event.


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