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 auction games eBook, "26 Proven Revenue Enhancers for Your Fundraiser" Volume I & II are available for download. We have also emailed you a copy to download at any time. Best of luck at your event and let us know how these auction games work for your event!


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No more stressful fundraising events. Speed up check-in and check-out. Improve the event experience for staff, volunteers, and donors. Take online donations year-round. With Greater Giving, you'll have everything you need to pull off your best fundraiser yet.

Auction Games & Fundraising Ideas to Boost Revenue at Your Event

Auction Games - download both volumes of profitable auction revenue enhancers

Add auction games to your fundraising event and empower everyone in the room to give to your cause with this complimentary, no cost digital download!

Are you looking for new and fresh ways of bringing in more donations at your event?

Adding auction games and raffles won’t replace your auction income, but they will add to your bottom line. Adding variety and fun to your event will help entertain your guests and lighten the mood before going into your live event.

Additionally, the lower price point of participation in these auction games makes them accessible to all your guests. This is great for people who can’t join in the big live auction bidding but still want to support your cause.

This free eBook contains 26 auction games presented by the fundraising professionals that use them at their events. You'll get more than just how to run the game at your event—these pros dish on how their variations and nuances that spice up event the most well known auction games.

Here are 26 of the best auction games in one easy-to-use lookbook for you.

Download “26 Proven Revenue Enhancers for Your Fundraiser” to view:

  • 26 ways to boost excitement and donations with auction games
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Tips and Tricks from Industry Experts
  • Classics, interesting variations and fresh auction game ideas
  • And, much more...

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