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Track and manage every event detail—from any place at any time with an Internet connection.

Why Greater Giving Event Software?

Event Software is a secure, Web-based application that users can access from any Internet connection.

Staff and volunteers can enter donor, sponsor, volunteer and business contact data and manage your
event planning and execution from anywhere at any time, so you fully leverage precious time and resources.

Work with a sample Database

Event Software comes pre-loaded with a sample database. Here are a few other details to know about the Event Software 14-Day Trial.

  • The trial is pre-loaded with a sample database.
  • This resource has one common database, so ANY user logging in can see all changes other users have made (i.e.: user one deletes package 12, user two cannot view package 12). For this reason, Greater Giving recommends users DO NOT enter real donor or personal data into the trial.
  • ESO trial users always have a login name that starts with "Demo".
  • This account is built to automatically revert back to the original sample database every 28 days, regardless of when a user started their trial period.
  • Trial users can only send emails to themselves.
  • Trial users can only import a small number of rows during an import.
  • The Online Payment feature of Event Software is "read only"— edits to the web page cannot be saved.
  • Users cannot create new databases or events in Event Software—all users are in the same "sample event".
  • If a user chooses to move forward with Event Software, data entered in the demo can't be converted to their real database.

Compatible Browsers

In order to maintain a high level of satisfaction as well as security to our customers, we recommend the following desktop browsers for use with Greater Giving Event Software:

  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Safari 6.2+
  • Firefox 33+
  • Chrome 38+

The following tablet browsers are also supported for use with Greater Giving Event Software:

  • iPad iOS 4.3+ with Safari
  • Android 4+ with Chrome

Previous versions of recommended browsers will generally function but may display some pages incorrectly and disable some features.

The following browsers are not supported and are known to have issues:

  • Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8
  • Netscape